Skeksis Tribute

If you know me well you know I'm a big fan of Dark Crystal. Indeed my nickname has been always Skekses; from the Skeksis, of course! :)
Also lately I've been trying to find a way to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone. Art related. So I figured out that the best way to do it was trying to do a traditional sculpt. I’ve messed around with clay a couple of times but I’ve never finished anything.
That being said I took this opportunity as part of the exhibition my friend Mr.Goscicki is organizing for this art gallery show that will take place tomorrow in Santa Monica, and I did this piece of my loving character the Skeksis Chamberlain.

Here it is the info for the art gallery in case any of you want to come to say hi and to check some of the artworks done by these amazing group of people from the industry:

Save Slot 0 - A charity gallery by Game Devs
Tomorrow at 6 PM – 10 PM
1820 Olympic Blvd, Santa Monica, California 90404

Hope to see you tomorrow!