Basemesh Female Collection in Marketplace

Female Anime Basemesh Collection v1 available in the Marketplace here in Artstation! Also you can find them separate in case you only need one style .
These are the basemeshes I've been using for my 3D artwork and even 2D. The model and shapes are really clean so you will only need to do some tweaks to create your own characters.

This kit includes the Zbrush file with different subdivision in case you need different render in the detail, includes polygroups base in Uv's so that will help you to sculpt your own character in a clean and organized way.
If you don't have Zbrush I got you covered! I included an OBJ with the low res (level1) ,the high res (level 5 or 6) and the eyes, so you can import them to any software.

Included in the kit:
Stylized Female Basemesh with subdivisions and polygroups (ZTL)
Stylized Female Basemesh low resolution (OBJ)
Stylized Female Basemesh high resolution (OBJ)
Stylized Basemesh eyes (OBJ)

Realistic Female Basemesh with subdivisions and polygroups (ZTL)
Realistic Female Basemesh low resolution (OBJ)
Realistic Female Basemesh high resolution (OBJ)
Realistic Basemesh eyes (OBJ)

Anime Female Basemesh with subdivisions and polygroups (ZTL)
Anime Female Basemesh low resolution (OBJ)
Anime Female Basemesh high resolution (OBJ)
Anime Basemesh eyes (OBJ)

For use with any 3D Software:

3DS Max

These files will save you a bunch of time and you can jump straight to the fun, creating your own characters!